New solutions for new requirements

The design and manufacture of customized solenoid valves enables an efficient combination of hydraulic components & electronic control.

In addition to hydraulics, we also offer solutions in the field of hydrogen. Here, special attention must be paid to the selection of suitable alloys and sealing materials.

Solenoids for adaptive chassis

Electromagnetic valve for adaptive chassis

The chassis is one of the most complex systems in the vehicle - which makes an important contribution to increasing driving safety and comfort, especially with regard to driving assistance systems and autonomous driving.

Our solenoids allow stepless adjustment of the chassis. Depending on the type of vehicle, this results in various advantages. For SUV's and off-road vehicles, comfort when entering and exiting the vehicle is increased, while overcoming inclines and obstacles remains possible without restriction. In sporty models, aerodynamics can be improved when driving freely, thus saving CO2. Other possible applications include adjusting the vehicle height for loading or for inductive charging of e-vehicles.

Our proportional valve, developed in-house by our own technical staff, regulates oil pumps in car and truck engines to prevent the inefficient rise in oil pressure accompanying higher rpm.

In combination with the electronic control unit, the oil pressure can be adjusted to the most efficient level in accordance with engine demand, actually reducing fuel consumption and CO2 output. To protect the engine in case of failure, the proportional valve is equipped with a self-opening fail-safe function.


The electromagnetic switch valve controlling our oil jet nozzles for cars and trucks provides for piston cooling as needed.

Switching the cooling off allows a quicker warm-up phase, reduced fuel and oil consumption and CO2 output, as well as a longer-lived oil pump. To avoid pressure peaks in the oil circuit, pulse-width modulation can be used to achieve seamless opening and closing.


Another advantage our switch valve can offer is the possible integration of a mechanical valve which can replace either a central valve in the oil circulation system or those in the individual oil jet nozzles.

Fields of application






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